How to Document Damages for Your Insurance Company

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What Your Insurer Needs to Know to Process Your Claim

Sometimes, the toughest part of a disaster can be dealing with your insurance company after it’s over. When your home has recently been devastated by a fire, it can be difficult to communicate to your adjuster just how much you’ve lost.

At Good Life Fire Restoration, we’ve been helping people recover from fires for over 100 years, and that includes working with insurers. When it comes to documenting damages, just use these easy tips to show your insurance company just how much you’ve lost to the flames.

Take as Many Photos as Possible

Some insurers will send an inspector to your property, but most require you to provide proof of damage. Photographic evidence is the best kind of proof there is, and the more photos you have, the more accurately you can convey the extent of the damages.

If any part of your home has been touched by the fire, even if only slightly, take a picture for your insurer. For serious damages, get photos at multiple angles and zoom levels to give a total view of the damage.

Consider Preparing a Collection of “Before” Pictures

If you live in an area that’s especially vulnerable to fires, it could be a good security investment to take photos of your property and keep them saved. That way, you’ll have documentation on hand that proves your home and possessions were damaged in a fire.

Take Inventory 

Insurers like to know exactly what was damaged and how much it will cost to repair it. While pictures help, it’s also beneficial to have a written list of everything that’s been lost or damaged in the fire.

By taking inventory, you let your insurer know just what you want your claim to cover and give them some idea of how much money they’ll need to give you.

Keep Your Receipts

For an even easier claims process, make sure you keep receipts for all your furniture and valuables. If you can provide your insurer with copies of these receipts, they can get an even better picture of the financial resources necessary to help you recover.

Consult the Professionals

A professional fire recovery company can do a lot more than reconstruct your home. Most fire recovery specialists, including Good Life Fire Restoration, have a lot of experience working with insurers, and they know exactly what adjusters require to process and approve a claim.

A professional inspector or recovery team can help you make sure that all damages are properly documented, even the ones you may not have noticed in your initial survey.

Our fire restoration experts are ready to help you navigate the claims process and assist you with your recovery – call (916) 527-9202 for a free consultation!

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